A geopolitical hotspot. A dynamic democracy. A divided nation. A leading economy. A cultural exporter. Understanding and engaging with Korea in the 21st century is relevant for the world beyond the clichés.

Based in Stockholm, the ISDP Korea Center seeks to promote informed understanding and constructive dialogue on issues of peace, security, and sustainable development on the Korean Peninsula. It also serves as a hub to advance knowledge, exchange, and cooperation between Korea and the Nordic region.

In line with its objectives, the Center facilitates expert-level dialogues involving policy officials, think tanks, and researchers from the key stakeholder countries on the Korean Peninsula. It provides a platform for visiting researchers from both Koreas to engage in research, training, networking, and collaborative activities on issues of mutual interest. By holding regular public events and seminars, it aims to promote knowledge, awareness, and debate on topical Korea-related issues. In issuing practical and accessible research and analysis to a broad audience, it also aspires to inform the policy and public debate.

The Center would like to acknowledge the generous support of the Korea Foundation.

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